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Waterproof PVC or Fuax wood Plantation Shutter Blinds with L-frame and Z-frame

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PVC shutter Composite shutters(PVC shutters) Composite shutters look like real wood shutters, but thanks to the synthetic materials they’re made from, they are able to stand up to high humidity areas and effectively resist fading and cracking. Because of their durability, composite wood shutters work well in steamy bathrooms and hot kitchens, and are excellent window coverings for rooms that receive a great deal of sun exposure.

Discover the many benefits of composite window shutters:

Composite shutters offer an easy way to control light and privacy, and can be customized with a variety of options to ensure you get the perfect combination of form and function.

They are an affordable alternative to real wood shutters and ideal for homes in high-moisture climates.

Low maintenance and easy to clean with just mild soap and water, making them the perfect solution to high-traffic areas.

They come in two popular colors(white and off-white) and 2 ½”, 3 ½” louver sizes.

Available in five frame styles to work with a wide variety of unique window shapes and sizes, including popular arched shaped windows and French doors.

Their clean lines offer a timeless simplicity to any room, while their insulating design helps to lower your energy bills.

When closed, composite shutters block the sun’s harmful UV rays, and the synthetic materials resist peeling and cracking.

By-pass track styles are best used for patio and closet doors, as they stack neatly behind one another.

Shutters are designed without cords, making them safe options for homes with children and pets. They can even be motorized for added convenience!

             Graceblinds’ line of composite window shutters offer long lasting strength and excellent structural integrity. Constructed from unique materials that are inherently termite, rot, and moisture resistant, they offer many years of maintenance free beauty. Schedule a free in-home consultation with your local Style Consultant to learn more about these durable window coverings.

Guide to shutters A buyer’s guide to shutters If you’re planning on buying shutters for your business or home then you’ll probably want a few tips on getting the best deal on what can turn out to be an expensive adornment to your home or workplace. This guide introduces you to some of the things you'll need to consider when buying the right style of shutter for your building.

1.Getting the best deal on your shutters

To start your search for the right shutters for your premises you should use the internet to get a basic idea of how much they are. Whilst shutter fittings change from premises to premises you will at least be able to compare the general prices from provider to provider. As well as the internet however it may be worthwhile to check out your local paper. Many people presume that smaller, local businesses can't compete with the large, nationwide shutter providers, generally however this isn’t always the case.

Other factors to consider when buying shutters

2.Finding a reputable company with high quality shutters
Whoever you choose, be they local or nationwide, it’s wise to do a little background research with consumer review websites. In particular you want to try and find out about how people have found their after sales service to be, this becomes ever more important with automated shutters that can sometimes run into problems a few months, or even years down the road..
3.Matching your shutters with your style of house

If you’re purchasing shutters for your home then you’ll probably need to find a specialist supplier (particularly if you’re looking for robust shutters that aren’t a blot on the overall look of your house). 
These types of specialists are experts in knowing how to get the most out of a shutter in terms of security, whilst choosing a style that are suitable for residential property placement. 

4.Thinking about warranty

Warranty is essential when purchasing shutters and should come as standard wherever you purchase from. The details as to what’s covered however may vary from provider to provider so be sure to ask for these details when collecting quotes. This is all the more important when your shutters are automated as there are plenty of mechanical parts that may malfunction.
Tilt rod Plantation shutter tilt Rods There are many different styling and design aspects when it comes to our bespoke shutters, one of which is the type of tilt rod system that you use to operate your new shutters. Although it is often overlooked, the tilt rod can drastically change the overall feel and look of your shutters. We have different options available when we design your shutters which can be based on your own preferences and the way you are going to be using your shutters.

Centred and Offset Tilt Rods The tilt rod is placed on the shutters to allow you to easily open and close the louvres. By adjusting the tilt rod you can adjust to the exact light and air flow levels needed in your room whilst also maintaining the correct amount of privacy.

Centred tilt rods are placed down the middle of the shutters in a standard position. This looks great for individual shutters on small windows as well as a range of other applications. The other option is having the rod placed down the left or right which is known as an offset tilt rod.

By offsetting the title rod you can place the rod where it will simply look better, or for ease of accessibility when adjusting. This type of tilt rod also works great on special shaped shutters where the tilt rod placement is more limited.

Hidden / Silent Tilt Rods With this type of tilt rod you are able to operate and adjust the louvres by touch, without the need of a visible tilt rod. This helps to create a minimalistic, contemporary style and has become a very popular choice among our clients.

We fit some hidden grooves internally with a mechanism which moves the shutter louvres in unison when you move one. This is an optional upgrade which can really transform the look of your shutters and is the ideal choice for a long run of window shutters and room dividers.

Working with you and your own input we can help you to decide on the best style of tilt rods for your bespoke installation. We have many examples in our gallery of shutters with all the different styles of tilt rods that we offer.

FAQ Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If your question isn't here please feel free to contact us on +86 134 1221 3044 or email us.

Why choose MSJ Blinds?

MSJ Blinds offers a service like no other.  We know blinds inside out and we can advise you on the best blinds for any location. Our aim is to give the best service at a competitive price.  We are an established business with a 'real' workshop and a landline telephone number - be careful about any businesses who only have mobile numbers or 08 numbers!

How much will my shutters cost?

The cost depends on various factors i.e. size, material etc. You can get an idea of the price of your shutters by using our Quick Quote calculator. Alternatively, you can call us with the rough dimensions of your window and we will give you an idea of the cost. To make an appointment for us to come out and give you an accurate price, you can either call us on +86 134 1221 3044 or email us.

How much is installation?

Our prices include installation. There are no hidden costs!

What areas do you cover?

We cover most of Australia, UK,America...

How long will I have to wait for my blinds once I have ordered?

The lead time is approximately 8-10 weeks from the date of order/receipt of deposit for standard shutters.  

Can the lead-time be speed up?

Shutters can be delivered within 3-4 weeks at an additional cost. 

Can I see samples of the shutters?

You can either visit us at our Workshop in Tattenhall to view samples or make an appointment and we will bring them to you.

Can shutters be fitted onto PVC windows?

We would need to have a look at your windows before we can confirm this.  It is usually not a problem if it is a flat window (not a bay window).  If you have a bay window, it is sometimes more tricky as the handles protrude too far to achieve a neat fixing. Also if we do fix the shutters to your UPVC window, this may invalidate your window warranty due to us fixing the shutters to them.

What is the payment system?

We ask for 30% deposit with the balance due prior to installation.  We accept payment by all major credit/debit ,PayPal, bank transfer or cash. Please note there is a 2.5% charge for PayPal transactions.

Can I fit the blinds myself?

Our service is for supply and fit only as we like to ensure our blinds are fitted to the highest standard.

Can I have my shutters painted in the colour of my choice?

Yes we are able to professionally spray paint your blinds to the colour of your choice.  Please see our gallery for some examples. Please ask for details.  This service is only available in the Poplar and Elm range.

Is the wood used responsibly sourced?

All timber used is FSC® certified.


Will my shutters fade in the sun?

Our shutters have a UV coating to help prevent them fading in the sun.

How do I clean my shutters?

We recommend that you dust them regularly. We recommend ostrich feather dusters which are available to buy from us.  You can also wipe down using a damp cloth.  

How do I maintain my shutters?

Here are some good tips to ensure your shutters look good for years:-

 Don't leave the windows open when it is raining - they are not waterproof

 When closing the slats, use the tilt rod whenever possible with an up and down motion not an outward pulling motion

To close the slats completely, close them in the up position.  Be sure to close the slats before opening the panels. Failing to do this will cause the slats to 'pinch' and could cause damage.

When physically closing the panels, line up the leading edges. Panels that are not closed properly and lined up will eventually twist.

How long will my shutters last?

If your shutters are cared for in the correct way they will last for many, many years.

How do I prepare my windows/doors for installation?

On the day of installation, it is required that your windows/doors are clear of wires, cables, dressings or anything that may obstruct the shutters to be fitted.  If necessary, all surfaces should be cleaned and not wet.

What is the guarantee?

All shutter blinds are covered by a 3 year guarantee against defects in craftsmanship or materials. The applicable guarantee period begins when the Goods are installed. 

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